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Welcome to Chanteclair Maisonettes Condominium.  We hope you enjoy your visit.  The Welcome section of the menu to the left is available to the public however the Members section items are only available to registered condominium unit owners.  
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Guidelines and Information
Posted on Apr 26th, 2016
Dear Neighbors,
Over the years Chanteclair has had various sets of courtesy guidelines to remind everyone that condominium living is a compromise, especially for those long accustomed to life in single family homes. Just a little thoughtful courtesy goes far in maintaining harmony among all residents.
Following comments and questions at the Annual Meeting the Board felt that it would be appropriate to update and re-issue the guidelines along with a few cautionary safety suggestions.
It must be emphasized that these guidelines do not replace the Condo Doc’s.
Hopefully this document is self-explanatory but if anybody has any questions or comments then please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Board.
Kind regards,
Graham Parker
Pool Deck gets a good cleaning
Posted on Aug 10th, 2015 Comments (0)
Delta Cleaning has completed a thorough scrubbing of the pool deck and the furniture. 

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